Hello, I am Marjoleine Bruin, painter, born in The Netherlands, living and working in L’Olla, Altea, Spain.

 My paintings tell a story.
The story of who I am, what I feel and who and what I see. The story of my emotions. By painting I can express myself and organize for myself the world around me. Better than I ever could do in words.

I tell the story from my heart, as it were, with my eyes closed. I produce paintings on canvas and woodcuts and take on commissioned work.
When I work on commission I look, listen and translate in colors and shapes the story of my clients what they portray me.

Studied Arts at the Hogeschool Amsterdam, after having worked for a publicity and film company, an advertising agency and a television production company I decided in 1992 to change careers and become a full time artist.

Thanks for visiting my website. Please take a look at my work on this site and if you have any questions: Please contact me by sending an email.

© copyright 1994-2017 all rights reserved to Marjoleine Bruin

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